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Illustrations, Custom Artwork & Vehicle Wraps
  • City of Calgary Illustration

Front Cover Illustration for Map of Calgary

This is a preliminary illustration of the City of Calgary designed for the front cover of the Sherlock City Map published out of Winnipeg. The design brief called for a fun and funky illustration style using analogous colours or colours that are similar to one another on the colour wheel. The bright colours depicted in the illustration reflect the energy and life of the city.

  • Plane Illustration

Technical Illustration of a Cessna

The Cessna was originally created as an exercise to see how realistic a drawing could be made without the use of a gradient mesh tool. Utilizing a scanned image of the plane as a template, the illustration began taking shape by building layer upon layer, section by section, until the bulk of the plane was complete. Tiny details such as individual nuts and bolts were added last and can only be seen when the image is significantly enlarged.

  • Pop Can Illustration

Pop Can Illustration

A promotional company wanted to depict their logo on the surface of a pop can. A series of illustrations were made so that a final logo design could be chosen prior to application on an actual aluminum can. This process saved the client considerable time and money.

  • Tribal Girl Portrait

Fine Art Portrait - Tribal Girl

A unique portrait was created by cropping a photo to reveal only the facial features of a girl. An image of the interior of a blue plasic barrel was scanned and overlayed on top of the cropped photo. The resulting image is a striking portrait that conveys a primal sense of contemporary tribalism.

  • Self Promotion

Creative Self Promotional Piece

A poster and ad were designed as a self promotional to depict the concept of creativity. The photo of a snowboard was used to create the illusion of flowers blossoming in a vase. Through it's simplicity, the vibrant design makes a bold statement.

  • Superbus Wrap

Custom Vehicle Wrap for Superbus

A homebuilder required a design for a full wrap of the city's first superbus. Vibrant graphics were created to flow seamlessly from one element to the next incorporating various entities such as client logo, tagline and award. The flow ends abruptly at the peeling paper graphic used to cleverly reveal the interior of a finished home.

  • Galko Layout

Flyin' Hawaiian Vehicle Wrap

The client had a vision for their newly acquired food truck, an older model Purolator van. The wrap design was to included a tiki character surfing a wave in the middle of the ocean. With the exception of the tiki character, all graphics were to be photorealistic and depict various aspects of Hawaii.

Although many photos were used, extra time was taken in the masking and blending of the images to ensure that the final graphic looked like one scene.

Careful measurements had to be made in order to determine accurate placement of design elements as a template for this particular vehicle was not available. A large bleed was added to ensure that the completed design fit the vehicle properly.

Additional Portfolio Pieces

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Kainai Brochure
Kainai Brochure

Brochure for Kainai Children's Services

Colourful brochure design for Kainai Children's Services.
Powerplay Brochure

Powerplay Disc Jockey Services

A logo and two-colour trifold brochure designed with metallic ink.
Thermal Barrier Brochure
Thermal Barrier Brochure

Thermal Barrier Coatings Inc.

Logo and brochure designs for Thermal Barrier Coatings in the oil field.
Fort Macleod Brochure
Fort Macleod Brochure

Town of Fort Macleod

Photography and brochure design for the Town of Fort Macleod.