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  • Wider Horizons Magazine

Magazine & Publication Design

A variety of magazines and publications have been designed over the years. Some publications have required a total overhaul, while others were designed completely from scratch. In either case, each design is a direct result of careful planning, research and intense study of demographics along with a clear vision for the final outcome of the publication.

Much time and effort is spent on calculating font useage, size, leading, kerning, gutter width, margins, white space and ad sizing as well as determining the interaction of images and type in strategically designed layouts. There is no greater satisfaction than seeing an idea or concept grow to fruition and be successful in the marketplace.

  • Wider Horizons Magazine

New Magazine Designed for Lethbridge College

Lethbridge College required a magazine to be designed to showcase the people, places and events that make the college what it is today. The overall design had to be visually dynamic and fresh in order to appeal to the student body, yet be easily readable by the general public.

Initial templating of the magazine consisted of determining font useage, setting up style sheets and the design of a variety of layouts, keeping in mind the branding requirements of the institution. Wider Horizons made its debut in the spring of 2010 and continues to play a vital role in marketing and communications at Lethbridge College.

  • Lethbridge Living Magazine

Lethbridge Living Magazine - Complete Facelift

A well established magazine required an extensive update in order to freshen its pages. Due to the pre-existing contracts with advertisers, it was nesessary to design around the already established ad sizes. The new design was launched in stages to retain the existing readership while engaging a whole new audience.

The page count for the newly re-designed magazine rose dramatically to double then triple the number of pages published in previous editions. Lethbridge Living Magazine continues to enjoy a diverse readership in Lethbridge and across Southern Alberta.

  • Galko Layout

Layout for Quirk Magazine

A series of four different layouts was designed for a local homebuilder featuring current interior design tips, techniques and trends. Featured is one of the stylish layouts created for production in Quirk Magazine. Blocks of type were carefully laid out with plenty of leading to make the copy easy to read. Photos were cropped into square shapes and arranged in an interesting pattern. In keeping with the theme, additional block elements and scripted type were transposed above the pictures.

  • U of L Publication

U of L Faculty of Arts & Science Publication

The University of Lethbridge's Faculty of Arts & Science needed an upscale publication designed that would feature engaging stories about faculty members and their interests. The overall design utilized vibrant full page images paired with easily palateable blocks of type to create striking layouts that were enjoyable to read. The abundant use of white space helped keep the spreads free of clutter and encouraged the reader's eye to relax making it easier to absorb the information presented.

  • Travel Planner

Chinook Country Tourist Association Travel Planner

The client wanted a complete re-design of the Southwest Alberta Travel Planner, an annual guide that provides visitor information, tourist attractions and listings of vacation style accommodations. The design was to be based on a "mountie" theme and had to look bright, attractive and be easy to read.

The Travel Planner turned out to be a hit, necessitating a second print run as the publication flew off the shelves due to its popularity.

  • Painted Wings Book Cover

Book Cover Design for "These Painted Wings"

"These Painted Wings" is a true story of a woman's return from beyond the brink of insanity. The concept for the book cover came from the psychological Rorschach or Ink Blot Test in which subjects' perceptions of inkblots are recorded and then analyzed using psychological interpretation. An "inkblot" was created and wrapped around the cover so that when the book was left open, facing down, butterfly wings would be revealed. The significance of which is beheld in the metamorphasis or transformation of the key character in the story.

  • Who'd Win Book Design

Who'd Win Book Design

The opportunity arose to design a children's book by local author, Jason M. Hastings. The beautifully crafted illustrations were already complete and required only a little tweaking to make them perfect for print.

A unique layout was created to house the book's illustrations, content and animal statistics. A bit of creative license was taken with a couple fight scenes to add a heightened sense of drama and dimension to the layout.

Additional Portfolio Pieces

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CD Design

Craig Ginn - Lines of Age

Complete two-colour CD design including photography for insert.
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LFC Flight Centre

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Book Cover Design

Book Cover Design

Book cover design for local author Noelle Jellison.
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Galt Museum Brochures

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