Ad Design, Brochures & Promotional Items
											Great Taco Gal Ad

Ad Design for NRHA Reiner Magazine

This ad was designed to congratulate a horse and rider team headed to the NRHA Futurity in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. The design incorporates multiple images showcasing the high caliber reining horse performing several signature manuvers. Great care was taken to remove the background from the individual images and add them in a collage-like format to a more uniform background. A specially designed logo and tagline were created to visually tie in the name of the horse with the rest of the graphics.

...and by the way, they won!

  • Sous Chef Ad

Award Winning Ad Design

A simple grid system was used to display a variety of kitchen wares being sold by the proprietor. Photos of the objects were taken from unusual angles to help create a sense of movement and visual interest. Certain elements overlap the boundaries of the grid helping to add a sense of dimension to the layout.

This ad won the "Best In-House Advertising Design Award" presented by the Alberta Magazine Publishers Association for the pursuit of excellence.

  • Catwalk Ad Design

Award Winning Ad Design

A full page magazine ad was designed for an upscale full service salon. The funky layout was initially designed on a standard grid. Once completed, the design was then turned at an angle to create a sense of movement & visual interest. The vibrant photos & type really pop on the black backdrop.

This ad is another award-winning entry presented by the Alberta Magazine Publishers Association for "Best In-House Advertising Design".

  • Framework Brochure

Framework Animation Brochure

The client required a brochure that showcased the depth and diversity of their work. A traditional brochure could not handle the large number number of 3D images required for the layouts, so a booklet style structure was utilized instead. Paragraphs of type were laid over top of large black & white images "ghosted" in the background. The background images served to tie the elements of the layout together in a smooth and cohesive manner and helped make the coloured pictures really pop.

  • Ride Guide

City Transit Ride Guide

A cohesive map of the City of Lethbridge had to be drawn in Adobe Illustrator from scratch. The map was drawn up as a vector graphic from a multitude of scans, faxes and arial photographs. Individual bus routes were colour coded onto the completed city map and an easy-to-read service schedule was designed.

The entire map, bus schedule and additional transit information were laid out in a handy pocket-sized brochure for city transit users. This City Transit Ride Guide won an award for "Best Layout & Design" chosen from amongst many other city transit guides throughout Alberta.

  • KB Flat Sheets

KB Heating & Air Conditioning Flat Sheets

A multiple set of brochures were required to represent the various aspects of the company. The design needed to accurately reflect the company's different divisions but had to appear similar enough in keeping with the design style and branding. Colour-coded for ease of use, the tasteful designs made it for effortless viewing for both salespeople and clientelle alike.

  • NordBridge Senior Citizen Association

NordBridge Senior Citizen Association

The NordBridge logo was set up as a vector graphic in order to be embroidered onto several promotional items including baseball caps, golf shirts and jackets. Files were also set up for engraving a variety of lapel pins.

  • Frito Lay

Frito Lay Canada

In celebration of the expansion of Frito Lay Canada, an internal promotional item was required to serve as a memento of the historically significant occasion. The MagiCube is an interactive story board that unfolds to reveal custom graphics in one interactive promotional puzzle.

Custom graphics were created for each panel which told a story about the historical expansion project. A special template was then used to ensure that the graphics and messaging were placed correctly on each specific panel, so that when unfolded, a single picture was revealed.

Additional Portfolio Pieces

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