Branding & Corporate Identity

Business Card, Letterhead & Envelope Design
  • Daydream Records

Daydream Records

A local father/son team joined forces to create their own record company. With limited funds, they were successful in recording their own CD and marketing it directly to the music industry. The resulting logo takes a new spin on the concept of a sleepy eye which alternatively represents a CD/Record.

  • Metro Consulting

Metro Consulting

Metro Consulting is a local firm that offers management coaching for both small and large business development.

The Metro logo consists of simple lines that form complex cosmopolitan shapes creating a modern landscape that reflects the name of the company. A sense of heightened professionalism is created by the use of metallic silver ink printed on high quality bright white paper.

  • Scott Writing Services

Scott Writing Services

A local business that offers article writing services, business writing, technical articles and creative writing services to companies nationwide.

The concept for a "quick fox" came from a sentence that is often used while learning to type, "The quick brown fox jumped the lazy dog". This sentence uses all the letters of the alphabet and seemed an appropriate icon for a service such as this.

  • The Sous Chef

The Sous Chef

The Sous Chef is a specialty shop that provides unique kitchen accessories, tableware and gift items. The Sous Chef is located in the heart of downtown Lethbridge, close to unique shops, inviting restaurants and coffee houses. The simple logo not only defines the caliber of the shop, but lends itself to being visible in a high traffic area.

  • Webtech


A Lethbridge web design company serving the digital marketing needs of businesses, groups and organizations on a local, national and international level.

The idea of a "square peg in a round hole" initially stemmed from the clients' business tagline which made reference to their web-based problem solving abilities. The logo is clean, simple and timeless, its contemporary look lending itself to many years of credible service.

  • Platinum Performance Horses

Platinum Performance Horses

Platinum Performance Horses operates out of the Lethbridge area but competes on an international level when it comes to marketing its high end performance horses. Built on the best bloodlines in the reining industry, Platinum Performance Horses trains, shows and sells its homebred show horses across North America and abroad.

The client required a stylish logo that exemplified superior quality performance horses that are a cut above the rest. The logo needed to be simplistic in form, distinguishable from its competitors and inexpensive to print.

  • WestWords Editing

WestWords Editing

WestWords Editing is a local company who offers specialized editing services to larger upscale businesses. Initially indicated in the brief, the client had requested that the colour "red" not be used in the logo design due to its negative connotation in the editing industry. However, upon seeing the design, the client was estatic and chose this concept to represent the company.

The logo is essentially a play on words in the most literal sense. Utilizing definitions directly from the dictionary, the name of the company was strategically placed over top of the definition of the words edit and editor. Both the business name and owner's name were also cleverly incorporated into the dictionary annotation.

This simple two-colour job is a prime example of how colour and concept can work together to create a strong solution to an otherwise major identity crisis.

Additional Portfolio Pieces

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